Street Angels Skipton - information

Who we are

Street Angels are an award winning group of unpaid volunteers who care about the local community.

We want to help others enjoy their evening in Skipton and for people to feel safe when out at night in the town centre. We are particularly concerned for those who be come isoloated, vulnerable or unwell.

Street Angels are organised by the local churches and form a trained, professional and diverse group who want to make a difference in the town.

What we do

Street Angels patrol the centre of Skipton from 9.00pm Saturday to 2.00am Sunday every week.

Working in mixed gender teams of three, we bring a friendly face to the streets, chat with people and look out for those who become vulnerable.

We work in a non-confrontational and totally safe manner in partnership with the emergency services.

Each year we dispose of over 1,500 bottles and glasses left on the streets at night, which means they cannot be used as weapons or cause accidents.

What we have achieved

We invest over 2,500 volunteer hours annually into the Skipton community and have gained respect from people on the street. Street Angels receive a positive welcome from the public who often give us a wave, hug or high five.

We have built credibility with local groups, the emergency services and other authorities.

How we are funded

Running costs are met by fund raising events, grants and voluntary contributions from individuals and groups interested in our work.

What could you do?

If you share our concern and want to make a difference in the community, why not consider supporting us? We welcome anyone of whatever faith or none to be involved. To arrange a visit to see how we work or ask us to give a talk to your group, 'phone 01756 798156.

You could donate, sponsor us, display a collection box or help raise funds. To support us financially, 'phone 01756 799502.

To be considered for a street team you must be over 18 years old, reliable, friendly and have a good sense of humour. You'll revieve full free training and equipment, meet new people and eat lots of cake! On average you will be needed one Saturday a month and work in shifts of 30 to 45 minutes with regular rest periods. You can use this link to print off a Street Angels application form.

Find us on Twitter @AngelsSkipton